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On the back is a megapixel camera with dual LED flash. The high megapixel count means you'll get photos with lots of resolution, but the details can be hard to distinguish at full resolution since there's no optical image stabilization OIS to keep every shot sharp and in focus. The Droid Turbo is still more masculine than the svelte Moto X. This one is the Metallic Black in metallized glass fiber with reinforced Kevlar fiber. There's also a Metallic Red model. The other option is the Black Ballistic Nylon military-grade , which feels more fibrous and like a jacket or bag made of the same material.

It's not unusual for phone makers to brag about their devices having the biggest and sharpest screens, monster cameras, or the fastest processors. But it is rare for a company to boast that their newest smartphone has 48 hours of battery life. That confident company is Motorola and the battery goliath it's parading around town is the Droid Turbo, available exclusively on Verizon in the U. But put your reality-check goggles on because although the Droid Turbo has a whale of a battery, I never reached Motorola's two-day claims, except when I just let it sit there on my desk.

The new Moto X might be Motorola's poster child, but if you want the most performance, the Droid Turbo is the one to pick. While smartphones continue to go on diets, the Droid Turbo is proud to be full-sized. Its Inside, it's full-on Hulk, too: It has a 2.

Even the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 's respectable 3, mAh battery pales in comparison. Apps open quickly and browsing the web on Verizon's XLTE network if your city has it is super fast and reliable. The quad-core processor chews through 3D graphic-intensive games with ease and the 3GB of RAM keeps everything running at peak performance.

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The Droid Turbo's 5. All of those pixels are packed together so tightly ppi that it's technically sharper than rival phones with Quad HD screens such as the Galaxy Note 4's ppi and the LG G3's ppi. You can easily view call logs, messages, Whatsapp messages and many others with Hoverwatch. ThetruthSpy ThetruthSpy is parental control tool with alluring features that are effective and simple to use.

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FoneMonitor not only shows text messages but also attached media files. A feature aims to put the Turbo in low-power mode overnight, but stuff still happens. And the turbo charger is a nice feature. The extra amp-hours shoehorned into this case make the Droid Turbo surprisingly heavy, of course — I even called it dense on first picking it up.

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But because the body is a tad smaller, it feels heavier. Yet it feels solid and good in the hand, and never weighed me down as I worried it might. Some are likely important, fixing bugs and adding functionality. Motorola told me in October that it was committed to upgrading the Droid to 5. Since then, there have been hints of an update, but nothing final.

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That seemed a good thing, at first. Numerous reports pointed to the severe bugs in 5. But the flagship Droid Turbo is stuck on 4. Consumers who buy flagship phones expect them to be stable, but they also expect updates in a timely fashion.

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Thanks for checking in. Verizon did update the phone in February to offer one new feature: Advanced Calling, which shunts voice calls over the LTE data network instead of the traditional voice network. Call quality will suffer with it if your network connectivity drops off, but even in areas where the Turbo barely had service, calls seemed quite clear to me. The Droid Turbo has a wealth of top-of-the-line features. The iPhone 6 Plus is reportedly 2, The Galaxy S5 has a 2,mAh battery. A few twists of the wrist turn it on, making it easy to snap shots — a most welcome feature.

Several reports have taken issue with the camera, noting in particular a lag between when you click to take a picture and what you capture. And burst mode means you can likely catch exactly the right moment with a tiny amount of forethought. So like Samsung before it, Motorola has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the new Droid Turbo. In fact, many of these features are exactly the same ones Samsung released in , with the Galaxy S3. Back then the company unveiled S-Voice, which let you operate your phone by voice yes, Siri was doing this even earlier, back in The Droid offers Moto Voice, a voice control system for directions, notes, posting to Facebook, and a variety of other commands.