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The 3. The sides have aluminum that is attached with three visible screws on each side. The left side holds the microUSB port, positioned below a watertight door, and a yellow customizable button more on this in the software section below. The right side has the power and volume buttons positioned up top with a long metal cover taking up half of the length.

The back is covered in hard rubber material with ridges that help keep the phone from slipping off surfaces and make it easier to hold onto when in the field. The camera is positioned up at the very top with a single LED flash next to it.

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There is a mono speaker on the phone, but it is very loud. When the phone rings out in the field, it's likely you will hear it in your pocket. Specifications of the Cat S40 include:. The Mil G certifications means the S40 is drop proof certified to 1.

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Most of the specs are solid for a rugged smartphone, but the Snapdragon is a bit of a concern and I say regular lag in performance compared to the high end smartphones I am used to using every day. As long as you aren't trying to run processor intensive apps, then the S40 could be a good purchase option. However, don't try to push it too much or you may get frustrated with the lag. The Cat S40 runs Android 5.

There are a few non-Google apps installed out of the box, including a Catphones application store front, clean master utility, file manager, MobiSystems OfficeSuite viewer, and SwiftKey keyboard. There is about 10GB of internal space available, but a microSD card can also be used to add storage capacity. The settings are most all the same as on a Nexus, but you will find utilities to manage two SIM cards and a setting to manage the left yellow Cat key.

You can choose to use the key to wake the device, notifications, show recent apps, launch Google Now, turn on the flashlight, or launch any selected application on your phone. This is handy to have in the field when you want to use buttons and not have to tap all over the display. The App Toolbox is designed to bring you focused apps that you might expect to find on a rugged device. For example, there are farming apps, construction apps, survey tools, operational analysis tools, and more. The App Toolbox is powered by Appland and includes both free and priced applications.

I can't comment on battery life since I was sent a ROW rest of world model. I took the phone for a run in the rain and found it easy to hold while the GPS inside did a good job of tracking my run.

I also placed it in my water feature, dropped it several times in the yard while I performed yard work, and was careless with it on a daily basis. The phone withstood all of my mini trials and still looks brand new. However, I can definitely tell the Snapdragon is working hard to power fairly benign apps. I can't imagine trying to play an intensive game or run a heavy graphics app on the Cat S The Cat S40 seems to work well for basic smartphone purposes such as communication, messaging, web browsing, and photos.

I would like to see a higher spec on the processor before I would personally consider the Cat S40, but it may fit your field needs. Nimbus9 cases for the Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: Drop protection with easy car mount support.

Top tips for surviving a power blackout. With Californian power companies putting together plans that could see millions of people without power, here are some tech tips to help you cope with what could be the state's largest Brazilian government considers sale of semiconductor firm. National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology is included in the list of assets that could be privatized.

Red just killed off its Hydrogen smartphone — but the signs have been clear for months. Red's recent mixed signals about its Hydrogen phones were early warnings of the end of the project. Why are we not shocked when flagship Android smartphones turn out to be buggy, toxic hellstews?

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The trend with computer technology is for device categories to merge as prices drop dramatically. Smart phones and tablets all seem to have 1 gigaherz grade processors. A high end workstation intended to run Unix typically had something on the order of 50 megaherz. The future direction surely is for PC's, tablets, and smart phones all to run more or less common software.

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It is unlikely that minor players are going to have much success trying to compete in this arena with a platform that is not compatible with at least one of the major application stacks. But, there will still be devices that just have some kind of operating system that sits between some kind of user management controls and the hardware components of the device. That operating system can be anything the device vendor wants. It will almost certainly be some customization of open source software. But, as long as the vendor is not worried about supporting widely used applications, the operating system can be anything that is convenient for them to use.

I have a no-contract Sv6 device. It is an absolute pleasure to use and i would recommend it to anyone. The Nokia C was the cheapest possible device i could find that has WiFi. It has a full keyboard. Android will scale to low-end phones the same way Vista and Windows 7 scaled to low-end PCs: If you wait long enough, new low-end hardware catches up with the hardware requirements of your OS.

You guys seem to forget that, even in the "first world" some people still want a phone. No more no less. And they sell. They sell to those that couldn't care less about apps, sometimes even texting. They sell to be installed at home as a "fixed" phone. I meant there's now even a market for mobiles that act as home phones, with not even a phone book.

The kin os did not suck it was killed because verizon was impatient and reined on the data plan deal for it. I always wonder how such strong company as Nokia can be so out of the touch with the market. Failed series like E7x , 8xx, N9x - they did not learn a thing. Their strength was always hardware , developing operating systems not so much. No matter how much the tech press likes to see it that way, there is not a singular tech market.

Nokia have been working very hard in figuring out what people in africa and asia wants in terms of phone, and how to create them. I know no one wants to hear this, but in the US at least, Nokia is slowly becoming irrelevant.

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I think their future is going to be in less developed countries selling no nonsense dumb-phones with simple features and long battery lives. They will probably suffer a fate similar to Palm, since they have a loyal but shrinking fan base. The phone market changed too quickly for them to react, and still develop products that are wholly out of touch with what people really want. Leading is about making touch choices. One development tool for 3 stacks? Never going to work well.

Too bad they didn't have real leadership in the company, that would pick the best OS to go to battle with, kill the rest, and really develop that one idea. If they had done this 5 years ago they would not need MS today.